Software Architecture Refs

From Tom Plunkett
Software IT Architect
Fairfax, VA
Here are some references and links. Some of the web links may be IBM
internal only. Some of these references are duplicated (I gathered from
several sources).

? IBM Global Services Method
? Software Architecture in Practice, Bass, Clements, and Kazman,
Addison-Wesley, 2003

Tom Gilb, Software Engineering Management, ISBN 0-201-19246-2
? IEEE Software Engineering Committee, IEEE Recommended
Practice for Software Requirements Specifications, ISBN 1-55937-
? Defining Nonfunctional Requirements, GS Method Technique
? Shaw and Garlan, Software Architecture, Perspectives on an
Emerging Discipline, ISBN 0-13-182957-2
? Bass, Clements and Kazman, Software Architecture in Practice,
ISBN 0-201-19930-0
? Barry Boehm and Hoh In, “Identifying Quality-Requirement
Conflicts”, IEEE Software, 2 March 1996, pp. 25-35

? IBM System Journal, Vol 38, No. 1, 1999. Special issue on Enterprise
? UML Distilled, Martin Fowler and Kendal Scott, Addison-Wesley, 1999,
ISBN: 0-
? UML Components, John Cheesman & John Daniels, Addison-Wesley, 2000,
ISBN: 0-201-70851-0:
? A System of Patterns: Pattern Oriented Software Architecture, Frank
Buschmann et al, Wiley, 1996, ISBN: 0-471-95869-7.
? Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting
Layers, Felix Bachmann et al, SEI, 2000:
? Architectural Blueprints?The ?4+1? View Model of Software Architecture,
Philippe Kruchten, Rational Software Corp, 1995:

e-business patterns

[Coad 92] Object-Oriented Patterns, P. Coad; CACM, 9/
[Gamma 93] Design Patterns: Abstraction and Reuse of Object-Oriented
Gamma, et al.; ECOOP ’93
[Johnson 92] Documenting Frameworks using Patterns, R. Johnson; OOPSLA
[Lloyd 99] Technical Reference Architectures, P. T. L. Lloyd and Dr.
Galambos; IBM
Systems Journal, Volume 38, No.1, 1999
[Plachy 99] Enterprise Solutions Structure, E. Plachy and P. Hauser; IBM
Journal, Volume 38, No.1, 1999
[Youngs 99] A standard for architecture description, R. Youngs, D.
Redmond-Pyle, P.
Spaas, and E. Kahan.; IBM Systems Journal, Volume 38, No.1, 1999
URL Links
Enterprise Solution Structure Knowledge Network:
Patterns for e-business:
Patterns Library:
Events /Conferences
Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP), ChiliPLoP, EuroPLoP, KoalaPLoP,
Mensore PLoP,
SugarLeaf PLoP, Viking PLoP
Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications
European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP)

Complex Cost Benefit Analysis – Principles of Corporate Finance
by Richard Brealey and Stewart
Designing for Availability technique paper?IBM Global Services
Method for Analyzing System Availability (MASA)
? search for MASA
Disaster Recovery Planning – Strategies for Protecting Critical
Information Assets by Jon William Toigo. Has a foreword by
Todd Graham of IBM Global Services.
? IBM WebSphere V5.1 Performance, Scalability, and High Availability, IBM
Redbook SG24-
? Implementing a Scalable Architecture, Microsoft Corporation, November
? On Demand Operating Environment: An Overview and Implementation Guide,
Redpaper REDP3858
Legacy Integration:
? Enterprise Integration Patterns, Greg Hohpe et al, Addison Wesley, ISBN:
? A Method for Designing Secure Solutions, J.J Whitmore, IBM Systems
Journal, September
? Enterprise Security Architecture Using IBM Tivoli Security Solutions,
IBM Redbook SG24-
? Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World, Bruce Schneier,
John Wiley, 2000,
ISBN: 0-471-25311-1,
Systems Management:
? ITIL – IT Infrastructure Library,
? Designing Tivoli Solutions for End-to-End Systems and Service
Management, IBM Redbook
? IBM Ease of Use,
? User Experience Portal,
? User Centred Design,!2Fucd_main.html
? User-Centered Design: An Integrated Approach, K Vredenburg et al,
Prentice Hall, 2001,
ISBN 0-130-91295-6
? The Access Board,
? Section 508,

? IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description
IEEE-Std 1471-2000
? ?The 4+1 View Model of Architecture,? P. Krutchen, IEEE Software
? Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting
Architectural Layers, F. Bachmann et al, CMU/SEI 2000.


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