Cost-Benefit Analyses of Design Model Reuse/Reference Model Application

Request for information. Please respond to Oliver.

> Dear Prof. Frakes,
> I’m a research assistant at the Berlin Institute of Technology
> (Technische Universtität Berlin) in Germany.
> I’m very much interested in the area of Cost-Benefit Analyses of
> Design Model Reuse/Reference Model Application/and the
> like.
> During my research I found your works on software reuse very helpful
> and I wondered whether you may know about any
> contributions on empirical cost-benefit analyses of  model reuse in
> the “more abstract” spectrum of the software
> continuum (e.g. business process models, data models, design models, etc.).
> The works I have discovered were either more conceptual in nature and
> did not assess economic benefits of design model
> reuse or focused on the reuse benefits of more concrete artifacts
> such as LOC and components.
> If you may know about publications in this area I would be very happy
> if you could provide me with references and/or
> links to these works.
> Kind regards from Berlin,
> Oliver
> Oliver Holschke
> —————————————————————————–
> Technische Universität Berlin
> Fakultät IV Elektrotechnik und Informatik
> Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Quantitative Methoden
> Fachgebiet Systemanalyse und EDV
> Sekretariat FR 6-7
> Franklinstr. 28/29, Raum: FR 6527
> 10587 Berlin
> Tel.: +49-30-314-25119
> Fax: +49-30-314-22357
> E-Mail:
> Web:


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