Request for information: packaging and distributing assets

Bill —

As part of our Reuse WG activity to provide guidelines and information
on packaging and distributing assets, we are looking at the software
release process in different organizations.  We are asking WG members to
provide, or send links for, guidelines or procedures for software
release that are used by their or any other organizations.  We have
received a couple so far, including ones for NASA (Bob and Christine on
recent work, Jim and others on past work) and ORNL (Bruce Wilson), and
would like to obtain these for more organizations in order to determine
similarities between them, which we could then summarize and offer as
general guidelines on release processes.  The information provided can
be kept private if desired.

The more organizations for which we receive
information, the better our analysis will be, so please send us whatever
organizational software release process information you can.  Thank you
for your help in our activities.

Dr. James J. Marshall              Software Engineer with Innovim
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center   GSFC Building 22, Room C135A
Mailstop 614.9                     E-mail:
Greenbelt, MD  20771               Ph: 301-286-7544 / FAX: 301-286-0239


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