Suite 2012

March 4, 2012

Suite 2012



January 13, 2012

The next ICSR will be in Pisa, Italy. It will take place Spring 2013 on the premises of the National Research Centers (CNR). Here is their website:

The local co-hosts will be CNR and Intecs.

The Program Co-Chairs will be John Favaro and Maurizio Morisio.

Call for Papers: Reuse and Safety Workshop at ICSR 12

February 24, 2011

Reuse and Safety Workshop at ICSR 12


Icsr 12 website

September 9, 2010

IEEE SEonline

March 4, 2010

RESOLVE/C++ Component Catalog

March 1, 2010

RESOLVE/C++ Component Catalog:

It includes about two dozen component families, and a few hundred class templates if you count all the specs and implementations. All are designed to be reused; we have some others that are more application-specific that we could send along if these make sense. Note that there is an entire design and programming discipline that goes along with using these things if you want them to work as specified! — Bruce Weide

Virginia Tech – Software Reuse and Domain Engineering Lab

February 13, 2010


February 13, 2010



14th International Software Product Line Conference
(S P L C 2 0 1 0)

Jeju Island (South Korea), 13 – 17 September 2010


The 14th SPLC is now accepting online submissions for
research/experience papers.
Please see the call for papers
( for the required content.
Please visit the submission page
( to submit your
The deadline for submission is Feb 28th, 2010.

Thank you.
/SPLC 2010

ICSR11 Proceedings on Google Books

January 26, 2010,303.msg397.html#msg397

Reuse Components Company —

January 26, 2010

I take every chance to factor reusable parts of of every system I write.
These day, my open source Java and JavaScript libraries
include major subsystems, like logging, connection pooling,
fine-grained access control, etc., and well as tons of smaller
utilities. See them at:

Fred Stluka